Before you travel: be aware, be informed, be protected

Go Jabs is the new fast pathway to guide you through the information, signposting the personalised travel health protection to help you to enjoy your trip.

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It’s now simpler to access the right vaccines and treatment


Use our fast online consultation to see if you should consider pre travel treatment.




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Discuss your travel with a pharmacist and if necessary get vaccinated for up to 12 serious diseases. In most cases it takes just 25 minutes.



Once treated, knowing you have reduced your risks associated with travel diseases



Making global travel health more accessible

With exotic and different destinations becoming ever more accessible it’s essential people understand the need to be properly prepared for international travel.

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A small investment of time for travel peace of mind

At last, a complete and tailored service, where and when you need it. In most cases, a Go Jabs partner clinic consultation only takes 25 minutes.

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